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System Requirements

Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional
* 300MHz or higher processor
* 256 MB of RAM
* 60 MB of available hard disk space

Windows 2000
* 166MHz or higher processor
* 128 MB of RAM
* 60 MB of available hard disk space

Windows Me
* 150MHz or higher processor
* 64 MB of RAM
* 60 MB of available hard disk space

Windows 98/98SE
* 133MHz or higher processor
* 64 MB of RAM
* 40 MB of available hard disk space
IndustryOEE 3.6 provides the easiest means for users to collect, analyze, and report production or
process performance.  Designed for personnel with limited computer experience, it also incorporates
advanced functionality for managers and IT professionals.
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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), is industry's best metric to measure process capability and
effectiveness.  Combined with IndustryOEE's labor functionality, efficiency can also be measured.  With
strong documentation capability for tracking Performance, Availability, and Quality, IndustryOEE can
provide overall operations performance for management needs as well as detailed querying and
reporting for floor teams and supervisors.  
Network capability allows managers to see and share
current information.
User-friendly data entry forms.
Performance summary reports that readily focus on major performance factors that
automatically analyzed from historical trends.
Detailed graphs include multiple functions for quick analysis and comparison.  Process data
can be  easily accessed and reviewed for each OEE factor (machine downtime, Quality, and
Data export features are available in nearly every report or query.  Quickly export desired
data to a file or copy data directly into another application for custom reports.  Data can also
be exported or imported to and from other workstations.